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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Plain Jar INTO Stylish Jar

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Crafting jars are a great crafting tool. They can be used for so many activities. For instance, yesterday I created a "time out jar". I filled the jar with glitter, kero syrup, vegitable oil and water. Students who misbehaved must shake the jar. Once all the glitter and sequence settled, only then can they return to play. It was pretty neat!

Today I have an awesome organizational craft using craft jars. Its simple, cheap, and can be customized to your room, color scheme, or favorite scrapbook prints!
You need:1 Craft Jar with lid
Scrapbook paper
Optional : Hot Glue Gun
Check out the Video!
Much Love,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cool Silhouette Art

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While experimenting with construction paper crayons (which are my all time favorite crayons, because they are SO COOL) I came across an idea! Most of the children who are in my art club are children who LOVE to dance. So I decided we would do some awesome silhouette art using silhouettes of dancers!
Heres what I came up with:

Ah it is SO PRETTY! Plus you can use any kind of silhouette including a home photograph!  Kids can have their own fun using silhouettes of baseball, soccer, dance, random jumping pictures, animals, and favorite shapes!
You can even use paint, glitter, or other various craft tools! Below is an example of paint and glitter glue!

Oooo Paint and Glitter Glue O.O so pretty.
Much Love,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Upcoming Hairstyles : Rope Braid, Fishtail Braid

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Looking for a laid back romantic look? Or how about a quick hairstyle that can go fancy smancy or wishy washy? The ROPE braid and the FISHTAiL braid are becoming ever so popular.

Both looks can be worn messy or formal and are easy to do, easy on the hair, and easy to learn!
If you are interested, the video below will show you the steps to make each braid!
Happy Hair Styling!

Much Love

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

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Having to remember an overwheming amount of things is unreasonable, and crazy. Most people resort to sticky notes, iphone Siri, and planners to remember things day to day. TODAY, I present to you a handy, stylish, and cute way to jot down quick reminders OR  write down cute notes to your love.

You can place these cool little dry erase boards in the bathroom, bedroom, and the kitchen. Use them for shopping lists, writing out the home menu, quick reminders to the hubby, and so much more! The best part is personalizing it to match you! Get creative!

You Will Need

A Picture Frame
Paper of Your Choice
Expo Marker

Much Love,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kid LOVED Puffle Pom Poms

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Puffles are strange little creatures on a website for kids called Club Penguin. This is a very popular kids site, and kids are absolutely obsessed with these puffles. This craft project is not only fun to do, but also to play with! Create an army of cute creatures with todays craft idea!!

You will need
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaners

Check out the video for the step by step instruction for the pom-pom
 Have fun!
Much love,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

DIY Luminaire / Hanging Lantern

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Chinese New Year is upon us, and I'm far from being Chinese, BUT a lot of pretty crafts are inspired by things that originated in the Asian world.
One for instance is the lantern. A typical plain Chinese lantern looks like this
oooo. ahhh. fancy.
Well I dont know how to make lanterns like that, but I do know a way to make a beautiful mini lantern that looks pretty awesome. (SEE BELOW)
oooooooooH glowtastic!!!

YOU are going to need
A balloon
Tissue paper

The  super awesome video below will show you all the steps!
Much love,

SAVE THE CRAYONS! DIY Microwave Crayons

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I hated throwing out the poor crayons that have been left at the bottom of the bucket. You know, the sad broken, chipped, and speckled ones? I always felt like it was a waste. You buy a pack of crayons to only use 1/3 of them? WASTE OF CREATIVE TOOLS.

Well now you can save your broken crayons to make BIGGER excitng new shaped crayons! All you need is a microwave, a SILICONE mold, and the crayons. Its a great project to do with the kids. At my job, I made these crayons carefully with a small group of kids and they went nuts for it! They had so much fun breaking up the crayons into smaller pieces, making awesome color schemes, and the best part was watching it melt in the microwave.

Check out my video!
Much love,

This is New, and This is Me

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Well I suppose I better introduce myself before starting all this.
My name is Claire.
I was born in Scotland, and raised most of my life in Sugar Land, Texas.
I am currently 23 years old.

This is me and the BF, on our 4 yr anni.
I am brutally honest, creative, exciting, and have good moral values.
I look for beauty in everything I see, but the world is changing, beauty is getting harder to find.

i love my camera.
i love my night in shining armor.
i love music that touches my soul.
i love being a redhead

OKAY so now on to the interesting part. THIS blog is for the creatively inspired lot. The ones that go to Michaels, JoAnn's, or Hobby Lobby on a daily basis just BECAUSE.

I plan to give everyone a great wealth of ideas to do at home, at school, or at parties!!
I also plan to include random talk about rabbits, because i love rabbits. =^.^=

So read up, watch up, and enjoy <3

Much Love,

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