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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What to expect after birth. FOR NEW MOMMYS

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Its been 2 months now since I had my baby girl Lorelai Jane, and I finally found the time to blog.

 I wanted to write today on behalf of all the new mothers out there. Going through pregnancy was not as hard on me as the horror stories I had heard from some of my peers. I did not have morning sickness, although, I did sometimes feel queezy during random times of the day. BUT during my pregnancy I enjoyed most of it apart from not being able to poop. Yep. Constipation was my life the last 3 months. Most women go through this so if youre pregnant now or planning to become pregnant please DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.... start a fiber regimen or a yogurt (activia ETC) regimen. TRUST ME. You will thank me. I read what to expect when your expecting and everything was fine. I delivered with an epidural and I had a healthy little baby girl.

SO AFTER my pregnancy I also discovered things that I had no clue was going to happen.
1. It will take a LONG time before you can pee normally.
I actually needed a catheter after she was born in the hospital. 
I could NOT go pee.
Unfortunately the 2 nurses before failed to activate the giant ice pack pad and I was SWOLLEN so bad that they could barely get the catheter in. This scrounging around to find my pee hole while wearing latex gloves was more painful than contractions. I thought I blanked out for a bit. My poor husband watched helplessly. Bless his heart. But now on month 2, it actually feels normal urinating FINALLY.

2. It was difficult to get in and out of bed wearing a bulky pair of  underwear full of stuff.
After they sew you up you wear these stretchy underwear that has a giant pad, a giant ice-pack pad, some medicated wipe disks, antibacterial epi-foam, and then they spray you with this menthol spray stuff.
I had no idea so much could fill up in my underwear and it would stretch and slide when I was trying to get out of bed. Although everything inside this suitcase of underwear was good for you.....I couldnt help but think "There has got to be an easier way, I  can barely get out of bed"

3. Breastfeeding does not come easy to everyone, but it gets better....REALLY
I'm a first time mother so my breasts hurt incredibly. My nipples felt like they were being stabbed with pins every time she latched on. (She was a wonderful latcher btw. A real natural said the lactation consultant).
I was happy that I was breastfeeding but the PAIN was almost unbearable. One of my breasts was better than the other. My left one was what I called broken. It was the most painful. I thought I couldn't keep breastfeeding  UNTIL 3 weeks after giving birth. After 3 weeks of horrible pain, engorgement, and prickly nipples... my breasts lost feeling. It was wonderful!!!!  Almost like the nerves decided to retreat. Breastfeeding became easier, and more rewarding. Don't give up first timers! DONT GIVE UP. It gets better.

4. You are going to be afraid to poop.
I was so terrified of going to the bathroom. I was very torn up. The doctor said its like a cannon ball came through, so she sowed me up all over the place. DO YOURSELVES ANOTHER FAVOR. Take stool softener  add fiber powder to your food or drink, eat fibrous veggies, drink lots of water, eat yogurt, and just do everything to make that first one easy.

5. Things taste different.
I'm not sure if this happens to all women who give birth, but some of my favorite foods and drinks no longer tasted the same. I was so sad when I could no longer drink powerade after my workout....all I could taste was the sodium in the powerade. :( Lots of other foods also tasted different, and I no longer had the same cravings.

Well I hope these things give new mothers a kind of an idea of what to expect after giving birth. Not everyone is the same, but I wrote this out because I wish I had known these things so I could be a little more comfortable after giving birth.

For those of you wanting to know what I packed in my hospital bag here's the scoop:

2 Sweat Pants & 2 Tank tops : day 2 I was allowed to change and you want 100% comfort during your stay and when leaving the hospital

Breastfeeding bras x2 : My boobs leaked during the night I wish I had brought pads for them

Underwear Make sure they are big enough to hold your giant pad, dont bring nice ones either...you may get them messy

Toothbrush & Toothpaste : DUH

My OWN PiLLOW : I used this pillow to breastfeed and to sleep with. The hospital pillows are FLAT

Other VITAL things:
my phone charger,
my glasses and contacts,
flip flops (if your hospital has gross showers mine did not.)


here is my daughter now at 4 months ;)  June 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Dragon Designs Released!

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I have been working on some new designs and requests from my youTube friends. A request that caught my eye was to make cute dragons. I have already made some cute dinosaurs who are similar in color and shape to dragons so I decided why not. So here are the newest designs "Kawaii Dragons".

Check them out on my zazzle store !
 I have many cute dragons to choose from, and they come on cards, shirts, and mousepads.

 The dragon mouse pads are here: Dragon Mouse Pads (C l i C k H e R e)
Cute dragon shirts here: Dragon Shirts CLiCK HERE!


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