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About The BLOGGER : Claire

♥ Hi, my name is Claire ♥
I was born in Scotland June 8th 1988. So that makes me 24! I moved to America when I was 9. I am brutally honest, creative, exciting, and have good moral values
I look for beauty in everything I see. but the world is changing, beauty is getting harder to find :(
You dont have to be beautiful to be amazing.
You will never meet anyone like me. I promise you that.
I love to laugh, but I love the people who make me laugh even more!
God, is not an imaginary friend. love him.♥ ♥

I love my camera.
I love to sew, draw, paint, craft, blog, dance, & knit.
I love my husband
I love being a redhead
I love my daughter (she is due march 3rd,2013) YAY!

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