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Friday, January 25, 2013

New Notebook & Valentines Cards!

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I have released some new cute notebook designs and valentines cards! Check them out! :

Click for Dinosaur Notebook       Click for Baby Elephant Notebook

Click for cute Valentines  Bunny Card

Click for Valentines Dinosaurs Card

How to dye a pair of shoes. (EASIEST WAY)

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Well I really enjoyed a pair of Old Navy slip on shoes. They were blue, casual, comfy, and went with my everyday summer attire. So I decided I wanted a black pair & when I went back to the store to get another pair they only had white left in my size. White was also on sale so I decided i was going to DYE them and make them one of a kind. So this is a tutorial of  the easiest way to dye a pair of white shoes. I also decided that I wanted to make my shoes sparkley! It was SOOOOO easy and I LOVE THEM....

Cute DIY Flower Hair Bows

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Cant find the right bow to match an outfit? Why not make the bow yourself. You can pick out the perfect ribbon for your bow and match it to anything. These bows are very simple to make and can be used for hair bows or as gift bows for on top of presents! Click here for the HAiR BOW Tutorial
You will need:
Needle & Thread
Roll of ribbon
Hot glue gun
Embellishments (optional)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Messy Mermaid Braid Tutorial

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Looking for a cute messy hairstyle? This is my mermaid braid! My students at school ask me all the time how I do this type of look/braid so I made a video tutorial. How to do a messy mermaid braid CLICK HERE There are so many types of braids out there, try them all!

Decorate Ceramic Mugs with SHARPIES/ Permanent markers

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So if you are looking for a project to keep the kids busy, or something nice and cool they can do to make for a teacher, mother's day, or fathers day....THEN this project is PERFECT. 
Ceramic mugs used to be the old "cant do anything to this stupid mug, ughhh throwing it out." Or maybe it was "I am not spending $25 on ceramic markers so you can color on this mug"

WELL now you can use sharpie markers AKA permanent markers!!!
Get a blank ceramic cup, color/draw with these markers, and then bake in the oven.
I baked my cups at 425 for 30 minutes. Then I let them cool in the oven for fear of them cracking in my cold kitchen. Check out the video and have FUN!


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