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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kid LOVED Puffle Pom Poms

Posted by Claire R at 7:33 PM
Puffles are strange little creatures on a website for kids called Club Penguin. This is a very popular kids site, and kids are absolutely obsessed with these puffles. This craft project is not only fun to do, but also to play with! Create an army of cute creatures with todays craft idea!!

You will need
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaners

Check out the video for the step by step instruction for the pom-pom
 Have fun!
Much love,


Cuddlynn on September 25, 2016 at 6:24 PM said...

All this is unnecessary you dont need to buy all that crap! All you can do is buy some googly eyes and some colored pom poms and glue it all together and there you go. Some cheap ass lil ass toy that your child will be happy with. I mean, come on! Adding scissors, PIPE CLEANERS?!?!?! come on now! Just buy some colored pom poms and some googly eyes. And if you dont have any glue to stick the eyes on with then just use some cheap ass tape. And if you are too broke to buy some pom poms then use a piece of lint. That will work perfectly.

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