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Monday, July 8, 2013

MAKE SLIME gak goo ooblekk #2

Posted by Claire R at 10:04 PM
Here is another (CaRPET FRiENDLY) way of making SliME GAK GOO OOBLEKK.
Hehe its just cornstarch and water with a bit of food coloring. It has a different texture than the glue slime. Its powdery and soft on the hands PLUS it has a cool scientific explaination behind it ... " This type of slime is made up of long chains of atoms - a polymer. These chains can move past each other, but they take some time to do this. If you pour it slowly, it can flow like a liquid. If you try to force things and make the chains slide more quickly than they want to, they get entangled - and the mixture gets firmer. So if you push hard on it, it acts more like a solid."

It is FUN to make and play with.


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